The purpose of meditation is to cultivate those states of mind that are conducive to peace and well-being, and to eradicate those that aren’t.

When we take a close look at our life, we discover that essentially most of our time and energy is devoted to mundane activities, such as seeking material and emotional security, enjoying sensory pleasures, establishing a good reputation and so forth.
Although these things might make us happy for a short time,  we need to ask if they are providing the deep lasting contentment that we long for.  Is this as good as it gets? Sooner or later, we find that these moments of temporary happiness turn right back into dissatisfaction and once more we find ourselves engaged in the pursuit of more worldly pleasures.
And so goes the cycle.

This is where meditation practice can be so extraordinarily helpful.

If true fulfillment cannot be found in the externals, then where can it be found? The answer: within. In our own mind. With meditation we come to understand that happiness is a state of mind. Therefore, the real source of happiness lies there, and not in external circumstances. If our mind is pure and peaceful, the world we experience will be pure and peaceful. That’s the goal.
This is what we do at the Kadampa Meditation Centre Liverpool.
Every class at KMC Liverpool includes guided meditations on topics ranging from love, compassion and wisdom, through to profound and imaginative tantric meditations on visualizing Buddhas, reciting mantras, etc. We also have occasional retreats at our Centre through which we can deepen our experience of meditation.
KMC Liverpool not only provides clear instruction on the practice and an ideal environment in which to practice it, it also allows us to connect to a community who are all working to improve their minds and their lives. Being part of a supportive spiritual community is an essential part of maintaining a daily meditation practice.
Everyone welcome.