Foundation Programme (FP)

The Foundation Programme · Wednesdays 7-9pm

Discover essential Buddhist teachings for a happy and meaningful life. On our Wednesday night Foundation Programme explore the meditations that form the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Explore Buddha’s popular teaching on the Four Noble Truths which offer a clear and simple solution to our suffering, guiding us to an oasis of boundless peace within our hearts. Discover how to identify and let go of your deluded, painful states of mind. Learn about the process of death and rebirth and how to experience the permanent cessation of suffering, nirvana. For those wishing for a deeper experience of Buddhism and meditation, these classes are an ideal guide to finding happiness from within.

Joining the Foundation Programme involves enrolling for a section of the book Joyful Path of Good Fortune and trying to attend all the classes, one of which is an end of section exam. Each class consists of chanted prayers, a guided meditation, teaching and discussion. You are welcome to attend a class before enrolling and you can join at any time.

The class fee is £20 pcm. It is also available through KMC Liverpool Membership which includes all classes, courses & retreats for free.

For further information about the Foundation Programme, please contact the Education Programme Co-ordinator by email:

A Unique Study Programme

Buddhism teaches that to find lasting happiness and meaning in our lives we need to follow a spiritual path. To follow this path it is important to have a close connection with a qualified teacher who can give us personal advice and encouragement, to listen to pure Dharma teachings and to be a part of a strong spiritual community. In this way we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of Buddha’s teachings, maintain a daily meditation practice that is both focused and powerful, and make genuine spiritual progress.

Through regular teachings and meditation, systematic study, and group discussion, the Foundation Programme (FP) offers the same training followed by spiritual practitioners in an unbroken lineage dating back to Buddha Shakayamuni. In this way we can gain authentic experience of the Dharma while still maintaining our contemporary lifestyle. By studying on this programme we shall gain great confidence in meditation – from basic techniques for overcoming our everyday problems to practices leading to unsurpassed happiness and permanent inner peace. Warm friendships develop as students inspire each other, sharing insights and experiences of the spiritual path.

The purpose of the Foundation Programme is to provide a systematic presentation of particular subjects of Mahayana Buddhism to enable practitioners to deepen their knowledge and experience of Buddhism.