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Memberships & Payment Options

Available from August 17th 2018

Becoming a member is the most economical way to enjoy all our classes, courses and retreats. If you attend classes regularly, your membership will represent substantial saving over paying for individual classes. As classes you can attend are unlimited once you have paid your monthly fee, it also provides many opportunities to deepen your meditation practice and find lasting solutions to the challenges of daily life.

KMC Liverpool is a registered charity (#1037091) and non-profit organisation. Our centre is run largely by volunteers and all activities are dedicated to the development of peace throughout the world. All funds raised through our activities go to the International Temples Project Fund (ITP).


  • Evening classes £6
  • Daytime classes £6
  • Morning Meditation £3
  • Day course £22.50 (incl. lunch)
  • Half-day course £15
  • Empowerment £27.50 (incl. lunch)
  • Retreat £3 per session

Silver Membership

  • Evening classes free
  • Daytime classes free
  • Morning Meditation free
  • 25% off day courses
  • 25% off half-day courses
  • 25% off empowerments
  • 25% off retreats
  • 10% off at the KMC Liverpool Café

Gold Membership

  • Evening classes free
  • Daytime classes free
  • Morning Meditation free
  • Day courses free
  • Half-day courses free
  • Empowerments for free
  • Retreats for free
  • Foundation Programme (FP) free
  • 10% off at the KMC Liverpool Café

Subscriptions are for a minimum of 6 months

For more details please contact: Elaine at or 0151 726 8900 or ask at the centre or branch class.

Concessionary Rates are available for those unemployed, students and senior citizens.  Please ask for a concessionary rate when you attend the class.

Refunds Policy: If a booking is made for an event or a series of classes, but the registrant then decides to cancel the booking, requests for a refund can be made to the centre’s Admin Director:  The request will be considered on it’s merits, and a decision will be made to refund any of the amount if deemed appropriate.