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The Buddhist Path to meditating and training the mind in the methods that lead to happiness have been used for more than 2000 years. During this time millions have found the happiness and peace that everyone is longing for.

By listening to; contemplating what it means for you; and meditating on the topics in each session you too can find the happiness and inner peace that you long for, and in the process have a more beneficial effect upon others.

Instruction on meditation in general and guided meditation in the specific topic will be given in each class. See the topics below. Everybody welcome.

Week 1 – Kindness

Week 2 – Advantages of cherishing others

Week 3 – Disadvantages of self cherishing

Week 4 – Equalising self & others

Week 5 – Exchanging self and others

Week 6 – Compassion

Where: Friends Meeting House, Court Road, Southport. PR9 9ET

When: Monday 1st May 7.30pm – 8.45pm

Cost:  £8 per class/free for members. Pay on the door.