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The Supreme Good Heart- day course

Buddha taught that the highest, most beautiful, most powerful state of mind we can attain is the supreme good heart of bodhichitta. Developing and maintaining this profoundly compassionate mind enables us to transform all our virtues into the path to enlightenment, solve all our problems, fulfil all our wishes, and develop the power to help others in the most appropriate and beneficial ways. Bodhichitta is the best friend we can have and the highest quality we can develop.

On this day course we will learn how to unlock our full potential for compassion and follow the path that leads to Enlightenment. Everybody is welcome.

Course fee:
£22.50 (non members), £11.25 for Silver and bronze Card Members and free for Gold Card members

Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Jigme

Gen Kelsang Jigme

The teacher of this course is Gen Kelsang Jigme, our Resident Teacher. Ordained in 1997 by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Gen Jigme has studied, practised and taught Kadampa Buddhism under Geshe Kelsang’s guidance for many years.

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