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There are five forces we should integrate into all our daily spiritual practices.  These are: 1) motivation or intention, 2) familiarity, 3) “white seed” or collection of merit, 4) destruction of inner and outer obstacles, and 5) aspirational prayer.

In these classes we will learn to cope with the problems of life. By practicing Buddha’s teachings, we can change the way we look at life and when difficulties arise we can use these to transform our mind.

Week 1: What’s our real problem

Week 2: Learning to cherish others

Week 3: Moral discipline

Week 4: Faults of anger

Week 5: Why we get angry

Week 6: Patience

Week 7: Non retaliation

Everybody welcome.

Where: Wonderland Community Centre, Canal Street, St Helens. WA10 3JQ

When: Thursday 23rd March 7.00pm – 8.15pm

Cost:  £6 per class/free for members. Pay on the door.