Explanation of calendar events

An explanation of the main regular events listed on our monthly calendar.

Heart Jewel: This practice takes about 40 minutes and consists of certain prayers and requests. If the event says ‘Heart Jewel LM’ then there will also be about 15 minutes for a (Lamrim) meditation during the session. (If an event says ‘../Lamrim’ then the same applies.) You can find out more about Heart Jewel here: http://kadampa.org/buddhism/daily-puja-heart-jewel

WFJ: This is a longer version of the Heart Jewel practice and takes about an hour. If it says ‘w/tsog’, then this means that the practice will also involve making special offerings, especially food offerings, and afterwards we will share this in a ‘tsog party’. More info: http://tharpa.com/us/wishfulfilling-jewel-booklet-604.html

Melodious drum: An even longer set of prayers than Heart Jewel or WFJ. This one lasts about three and a quarter hours! More info: http://tharpa.com/uk/melodious-drum-booklet.html

Tsog day: A special day (the 10th and 25th of each month when we engage in ‘OSG’, which stands for ‘Offering to the Spritual Guide’. This lasts about an hour and a half and consists of special prayers and requests, and the tsog offering. More info: http://kadampa.org/buddhism/offering-to-the-spiritual-guide

Quick Path: This practice is a mix of prayers and meditations, and it is only for those who have received a Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment. It lasts about 1 hr 40 mins. More info: http://tharpa.com/uk/quick-path-to-great-bliss-booklet.html

GP: This stands for ‘General Programme’. It lasts an hour an a half, and is a drop-in class that consists of two guided meditations, and a simple Buddhist teaching on how to develop and maintain peaceful states of mind (each week is on a slightly different topic). More info: http://meditationinliverpool.org.uk/general-programme-classes-gp/ and http://meditationinliverpool.org.uk/classes-in-liverpool/ (Note that on the website you can find a few different places in the city and Merseyside where these classes are offered.)

FP: This is a slightly more advanced class than GP. It involves more prayers and commitments and goes into more depth on a particular text. More info: http://meditationinliverpool.org.uk/foundation-programme-classes/

Precepts: These are special commitments we can take just for the day that put restrictions on our actions of body, speech, and mind, to keep them pure. The practice at the beginning of the day lasts about half an hour and consists of more formally taking these precepts. More info: http://kadampa.org/buddhism/taking-precepts.

Sojong: This is a special practice for ordained people (monks and nuns).